Privacy Policy

Welcome to our site “”. We understand that the privacy of users coming to our website is really important including the name, contact details, address, and other related information is very important to us. The statement is for privacy policies with respect to the users that visit our website and register with our business via our website. This is also for those visitors who use any kind of service offered by us.

What Kind of information?

The Personally Identifiable information that identifies the user’s existence including the name of the candidate, contact number, locations of the person, fax number, email ID, security number, credit card details, and other such information. The information that is “Personally Identifiable Information” does not include information that is collected anonymously.

How the website collects PII?

We use third party advertisements on our website. Most of advertisers use cookies while showing ads. This will send the advertisers various information about the user such as his IP address, ISP, and the browser that he or she is using to visit the website.

What are Cookies?

With cookies, you can store personal information whenever anyone visits the site. For example, you visit the site and you will get the notification for cookies preference which is required to enter into your website.

We use DART cookies to display ads. This will place the cookies on your computer that helps whenever the user browses on your website via DoubleClick ads, it helps in serving the advertisement depending on your requirements. Basically, it uses your non-personal identifiable information. The DART cookies do not store your personal identity like contact number, address, credit card details and etc.

If the user does not want this kind of cookies then he or she can disable them by selecting turn off. If you want to disable the cookies then go to your browser settings and disable the cookies via choosing Norton Internet Security and then Managing Preferences.

How do we use PII?

A person uses the personally identifiable information for customization to accomplish the buying and selling of your website. To the visitors, we email about the buying and selling opportunities on the basis of the website. With Personally Identifiable Information, you can contact the visitors and to the authorized candidates for the specific inquiry and the related information.

How the website does secure your personally identifiable information?

We regularly audit all our security aspects and processes. Information such as the credit card and security numbers will get protected via encryption protocols. The company employees are also well versed with all security policies and information. The user’s PII information is accessible to a few of the employees. We take various measures to maintain the security and electronic communications that are subject to the errors, tampering, and other such events.

In our website, you will find links. These links are of other websites, whenever you click on the link you will move to the other website. Read its privacy statements carefully as it may differ from our privacy policy.