Top 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to win the Battle!!

PUBG Mobile is one of the most amazing games. To win this game, users plan different strategies and tips. You might be looking for the best tips and strategies to win the game. Here take a look at PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks that help you win the game.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

  1. Blue Zone: When you find a blue zone nearby, you need to run faster. After this, put your weapon away.
  2. Squads: If you see two or more squads fighting with each other. At that point in time, you will find as outnumbered. Do not fire at that time as it will reveal the position.
  3. Bridge Camping: For more kills, you can go for bridge camping which is blocking of the bridges.
  4. Always walk zigzag or try to jump as much as possible so that your opponent might not understand your movement and your position. If your opponent will run the gun or try to kill you via pistol than because of random movement you can avoid the bullet movement.
  5. Make sure you must have an immediate cover that will save you from the fire. If you have a car then blows up the car and hides at the back side of the car. Make sure you will blow up first.
  6. If your opponent is trying to kill you then do not try to fire him or her back. But in case if you are aware of the enemy location then you must shoot your opponent first.
  7. For safety purpose, you make sure that you jump in the area where the vehicle is available.
  8. Remove the items when it is of no use and keep space.
  9. Use ARs for fights with a single setting.
  10. Use DP28 and tap on its fire button if you are involved in mid and long range fights.
  11. Keep the balance between frame rate and graphics by using controls.
  12. Put gyroscope to scope, if you are not good in recoil control.
  13. Check the functionality of armor as a different kind of armor is good at the different time of the battle.
  14. Keep your ear open or use good quality of earphones to hear your opponent’s footsteps.
  15. If you find your enemy in a car then shot at the tyre of the car and puncture the tyre.
  16. If you do not find any cover nearby and you are in the last circle then remain at the edge of the circle.
  17. Try to collect the smoke grenades. Create your smoke wall. Recheck your teammate by taking complete use of smoke grenades.
  18. To win PUBG game, survival is the topmost priority. When your enemy rushing on you then move to your secure position or place.
  19. Coordination is most important while playing in squad or duos. So share and coordinate your teamwork with your teammates. If any of your teammates is good in sniping then give him or your sniper.
  20. Make sure as for how to use different controls and sensitivity settings. Look the settings in your setting menu.

These are few PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks that you can see here and follow these tips to win the game and survive till the last.

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