10 Awe-Inspiring Minecraft PE Seeds 2019 with Villages, Castle, City

To keep you entertain, you will find different Minecraft PE Seeds for all the lazy people to make them active. The seeds will create a new exciting world which is an adventure for all gamers. They can explore unique creatures and terrain for all the players and interact with the spawns. Check out 10 unique seeds with village, city, and having a castle.

Minecraft PE Seeds

Minecraft PE Seeds

In Minecraft PE, seeds are used to generate the customized terrain. Depending on the type of the seed imputed you will get result accordingly. Take a look at these 10 Minecraft pocket edition seeds that will make you active.

Triple Village Seed

This is one of the popular Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seed having a triple village with two different blacksmiths. The triple village seed is set up on savannah biome and is surrounded by mountains, desserts, and river. You need to protect blacksmith from fire, for that you need to get to the village.

Massive Desert Village Seed

The seed was discovered by Jack Frost Miner player. It has amazing terrain including taiga, plains, desert, and savannah. In this massive Minecraft village, you will find two blacksmiths in which one is superior loot having emeralds, iron helmet, ink snacks, and bread.

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Floating Ocean Village Seed

This seed is also known as a rare ocean village with no touch land. This is an uncommon terrain generation where the seed is available with a good amount of ocean and land to explore. It’s really fun to float around.

Survival Island

This is the medium-sized island whereas most of the Minecraft PE survival islands are small. Explore this island.

Fishing Village Seed

There is a village with blacksmith having gold and iron coins and 4 obsidian. You will also find the cave having lampposts where you will find iron, gold, coal, and diamonds. After heading out from water, you will find an island where you can explore. All you have to travel on the right side along the coastline.

Ice Spikes and Gold

You will find unique generation ice here with an uncommon event. You need to mine straight down at the place where you spawn to get the gold.

Easy Minecraft PE Seed

For beginners, this is an easy start. You will get everything you need and is very easy to find the things. All you have to look around to get the seeds. You need to dig down some of the stones and will find pockets of iron, precious gems, and red stone.

Stronghold Seed

This is an instant stronghold. The entrance is beneath the well in the village. You will find whatever you are looking for.  This will give you a fun creative map; you will be enjoying the dungeon building.

Huge Mesa (Gold Mine Shafts)

This seed spawns you will find near mesa having exposed mineshaft. You need to travel the mesa and find the mine entrance and outcroppings of gold. In a few minutes, you can find lots of mineshaft entrances.

Horror Mountain Seed

This mountain seed offers an amazing horror adventure for all the players who are in love with the zombie fight. On the left side of the village, you will find a mountain and next to the riverside. If you climb at the top of the mountain then you will find the dungeon’s entrance with zombie spawner.

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