How to Build a Minecraft Modern House (Step by Step Guide)

Talking of the medieval architecture, you find castles having stone walls that make it popular. But nowadays everyone wants a modern house with a modern architecture that takes a few minutes and let you build your own house. Here you can check the step by step process to create Minecraft Modern House that helps in creating an amazing one for you.

Minecraft modern house

Minecraft Modern House

When we talk about good modern house builder then first thing came into mind is palate. For walls, you can use white concrete, light grey concrete, and stones. For better color combination, you can take white and grey concrete along with brown wood.

For concrete, you need sand and gravel. Mix both these ingredients along with color whichever you want. Now create blocks of this concrete powder and after placing them you need water exposing on these blocks to make them solidify.

How to create a modern house in Minecraft?

Square Surfaces

To give your home a visually pleasing and clean look and an amazing contrast, you need to incorporate squares, rectangles, and straight lines in the exterior part. You can create a rectangular floor plan.

White Walls

Finding white building materials are trickier in Minecraft like quartz, sandstone, wool, and other lighter stone. You can easily find wood and stone material in Minecraft. To give your home a pristine feel, you need a pair of panels and walls that are made up of natural materials like wood and stone giving your home a gorgeous contrast.

To get a big size window made up of glass

The house with various glass walls will give you an amazing view. As per modern architect, your house might require large size rectangular panes of glass. This will give your home look clean and more spacious. To build glasses windows, you need lots of sand and building a house on the beach will give your house an incredible view. The beach is also an easy source of sand to create windows.


If you look past homes and mansions then you will find an amazing symmetry but in modern houses, the approach is quite different. The modern houses are not so symmetrical and have lopsided design look. Hence if you want to design a modern house then do not focus on symmetry.

Un-Cluttered interiors

The modern houses are quite large and are very spacious. You need a clean and colorful floor that is made up of natural materials such as wood and stone. To make your home more enchanting, you need simple stairs, extended ceilings, minimal furniture, glass openings, and balconies that make a home more amazing. To make your home look spacious, you need a clean and stylish interior with an elegant furniture arrangement and contrasting window panes which is black in color.

Swimming Pool

In your modern house, you can also create a swimming pool in your backyard if you have additional surface. To fill the pool, you need a bucket or source of water required to fill the pool. To crate bucket, you can use three iron ingots that can be arranged in V shape. Make sure that you must use a square or rectangular shaped pool to match the right angles of your house.

This is how you can build a Minecraft modern house. Follow the steps and create for your own.

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