Minecraft for Mac: How to download (Step-by-Step Guide)

Around millions of users spend their free time playing this amazing Minecraft game. The game is available for Android, Mac, PC, PS4, and other such devices. All you have to download it on your devices. Here you can check step by step process of how to download Minecraft for Mac. Follow every step and enjoy playing Minecraft on your Mac devices.

Minecraft for Mac

Minecraft for Mac

The Minecraft game can be played by anyone on Windows or Mac. All you need to place the blocks according to your planned strategy. The game is developed by Mojang who released the game on various platforms including PS4, Windows, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Xbox. If you have a Mac device, then check the process to install Minecraft. If you are not able to download then also we have mentioned how to unblock Minecraft.

How to download Minecraft for Mac?

  • To install Minecraft for Mac, you need to follow these below-mentioned steps:
  • Go to the official website of Minecraft that is minecraft.net and download its game client.
  • You can access its one-time payment via different computers.
  • Now you have run its .dmg file that helps in installing the Minecraft in the applications folder.
  • Run the Minecraft game available in the applications folder.
  • Sign into the Minecraft’s account that you have created while purchasing the game.

How to unblock Minecraft via Mac Firewall?

Follow the step by step processes of installing Minecraft using Mac Firewall.

  • Go to the system preferences.
  • Then look for the Security & Privacy option.
  • In the “security and privacy” option, look for the firewall tab.
  • If you find prompt, then enter your username and password.
  • Look for the option “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections”. Make sure that this option must be checked.
  • Check the list completely to find the Minecraft game.
  • If you are unable to find the Minecraft, and then click on the red circle and change it to “Allow incoming connections”.
  • Click on the Ok button

How to unblock Minecraft via Windows Firewall?

To unblock Minecraft game using Windows Firewall, you need to follow the below-mentioned processes.

  • Firstly, you have to go to the Windows Control Panel.
  • Go to the “System and Security” option.
  • In the Windows Firewall section, you need to choose “allow an app through windows firewall”.
  • Click on the Change Settings option, located at the top right side. It allows you to make changes in the program list.
  • In the list, you need to find Minecraft.
  • After finding the Minecraft, you need to click on the checkbox.
  • Now click on both the options that come under private and public on the right-hand side of Minecraft.
  • The click on the Ok button placed at the bottom side of the window.

This is how to can enjoy playing Minecraft for Mac devices by downloading it via this process. So follow every step and download Minecraft for Mac device and enjoy playing the game. The process of downloading is very easy. Read the step by step process carefully and download it.

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