How to Use Minecraft Commands (Console, Custom)?

If you want to control your game, then you can use Minecraft commands. Using these commands, you can copy an existing build or changing the game mode. You can cheat your way using these commands. Here we have listed few Minecraft Commands that can make Minecraft more interesting.

Minecraft Commands

Minecraft Commands

The Minecraft console commands are really simple to use. Whatever command you are entering, that is prefixed by forwarding slash. There are various multiplayer commands that will not work using slash (/) as a prefix. After typing the command, you need to click on enter key.

Minecraft Console Commands

The console command is not only a string of letters but it can change the world completely in a minute. The commands can kill your enemies and smelt the metal available in your inventory. Many of the users call this cheating but it will save your time.


The command provides you the complete information on the related command.

Syntax: /help [CommandName]


The command gives an item to another player from the available inventory. If you are giving a single object then the command is quite simple whereas you can use this for very specific trades.

Syntax: /give @playeritem [Amount] [Datavalue]

Creative Mode

With this command, you can change the mode of the game to the creative mode. This will let the player flight, use unlimited resources and will save you from mobs from attacking you directly.

Syntax: /gamemode creative

How to get the world’s seed code?

The Minecraft PE seed will offer code for your world. Just note down the code so that you can load the similar one in the coming future.

Syntax: /seed

Minecraft Custom Commands

The custom commands in Minecraft can add the new type of contents in your Minecraft world. With these commands, you can change the world to enjoy the new experience.


By using Cybertech command, you will be a cyborg. This will give you new gadgets, lasers, accelerators, grenades, and other features.

  • Developer Name: Dafigvam Maper
  • Release Date: 8th November 2018

Lava and Water Waves Generator

With this command, you can destroy various stuff with waves. If you want this type of command then go for it.

  • Developer Name: Nico_The_Pro
  • Release Date: 4th July 2018

Giant Lucky Blocks

If you have this command then you will get amazing rewards and in fact, the rewards are quite greater. But with rewards, you will get consequences also.

  • Developer Name: Thcommandblocks
  • Release date: 20th July 2018


If you have this command, then you will get eight different heroes in a single one with different abilities.

  • Developer Name: MCTSTS, FEDERICK
  • Release date: 7th July 2018

Apart from these commands, there are more other Minecraft commands available that you can use to enjoy playing the game. We will update the upcoming launch commands over here soon. If you want any information regarding the commands then you can mention it in the comment box below. Our team member will definitely come up with the answer. Stay connected to get the latest updates.

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