10 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps 2019

When we talk about Minecraft Maps, then there are many maps available in Minecraft. Among which Minecraft Adventure Maps is the most popular among the players. Here you can find 10 Minecraft adventure maps that were published in 2018 and 2019 with an amazing layout.

Minecraft adventure maps

Minecraft Adventure Maps

In Minecraft Adventure Maps, you will not find many buildings and it is more about exploring things. In this map, you will find traps, puzzles, and lots of secrets.


In this map, you can build your way to get victory using lots of solo blocks supply. With the Totality map, you can find out the dark and mysterious past.

Created By: Cold Fusion

Date of Publish: 18th Jan 2019

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Hold the Ground

In this adventure map, you can explore Mount Mecadon Mountains. This is a PvE adventure map as it is based on a horror story giving you an old school vanilla experience.

Created By: Jakepool

Published Date: 26th December 2018

Monster of the Deep

This is a medium-sized adventure map where you play as the captain of any submarine. Explore the deep ocean. With radar, you can see things coming towards you that begin various experience problems.

Created By: Baricza

Published Date: 21st December 2018

A Lonely Mansion

With this map, you can easily see what you need to fix. For example, while driving the car you get hit from stone that causes swerve off on the road. If you have this map, then you can easily find out the places that need to be fixed.

Created By: Sirwilius

Published Date: 20th December 2018

Mission Cold

In this adventure zone, you will find a massive storm that ruins the city and is coming towards the most eligible or important man on earth. You have to save him from storm via your own style.

Created By: Team Blocksanity

Published By: 25th December 2018

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In this map, you will find various invaders who come from another world and will attack you without warning. You can unleash the new type of weapon named as machine lifeforms. In this threat, you will find that mankind goes from the earth and it takes the refuge on the moon.

Created By: Godlander

Published By: 15th January 2019

Valentine Surgery

You will find that the valentine bus has crashed. Now you have to save the cupid who is the goddess of love and valentine cat.

Created By: Vertex creations

Published By: 29th January 2019

WUT? 2: The Other One

In this map, you will get a job at happiness inc. whenever you move to the new city. But the problem is that you did not expect this thing.

Created By: Enderboy809

Published By: 4th January 2019


In this map, you will find a young kid who gets stuck in the gaming console. In this video game, you have to face challenges to get into the real world. In between all this, you have to face a zombie apocalypse, quiz, parkour, and face your enemy in the boxing ring.

Created By: Thexmelon

Published By: 20th December 2018

Trial of Water

The trial of water is the legend of Zelda which is inspired by the dungeon map. In between the track you need to solve the puzzles, roam around the dungeon, and to win the game you need to beat the final boss and get the water blessing.

Created By: Peonofthepen

Published By: 18th December 2018

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