How to Win Fortnite Battle Royale game (Solo)?

For all Fortnite lovers, you might be looking for suggestions that help you win the Fortnite game. Are you searching for how to win Fortnite solo? Here you can check a few tips and suggestions that will help you win the Fortnite Battle Royale game while playing solo.

How to win Fortnite Solo

How to win Fortnite Solo?

Fortnite Battle Royale game can be played via solo, duo, or in the squad. Lots of people play this game to win and also look for suggestions to win the game. Here you can check the suggestions here.

First Stage

In initial stages, when you come in the game then you are flying across the whole map to find the place to land.

  • High Risk: You can drop at high-populated zone including the bus spawns, greasy grove, and pleasant park. In this area, if you play the game correctly then you can have plenty of loot.
  • Low Risk: If you want to play safely then choose the less populated area. It will offer you less loot.
  • Known place: You can drop at the known place where you go often. You might be knowing that place and how to play and do loot there.

So choose the best place to drop as per your convenience. The next step is to find a gun, pistols, and other weapons.

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Second Stage

By taking a safe route either land or at the ground level you will find different types of guns available on the top of the buildings. You can take any of the guns and get a quick 1 or 2 kills. Many people complain that they did not get the gun so you need to play smart while choosing the land. There are 2 different types of loot available:

  • Immediate: After looting, whatever you get from looting you need to just use it as soon as possible.
  • Save: This is another option where you need to save slurps and shields. Save these weapons until the area becomes clear. You need to think wisely. Do not use the shield without thinking as you can lose it and you can be dead.

Third Stage

Till here you have some decent loot. Now you have different scenarios:

  • Traveling: You will find a circle which is quite far away located on the other side of the map. You need to stay at the edge of the circle. The circle can be surrounded by the land also not by the ocean.
  • If you are already in the circle then just be there at the drop location.

Tips to win the Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Jumping: While walking across the map, you can jump all the time. This sound weird but it works. This creates confusion among your opponent and they will get confused about your movement.
  • Zig-zag: Another movement is zig-zag that makes your movement hard to understand. If you travel zig-zag then your opponent will get less chance to hit you. So do not go to the straight line.
  • Make sure that you have immediate cover or not or your opponent has immediate cover or not. Not only immediate cover, but you must also be sure of high or low ground.
  • Time: Utilize your time perfectly. Lots of players start fighting without knowing the left time.

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