How to make a Fence in Minecraft (Fence Gate, Nether Brick, Cobblestone walls)

To protect all your hard work or to save animals, you need to build the fences and walls around the farm so that all the animals keep inside. Here you can check how to make a fence in Minecraft also how to make a fence gate. We have given a step by step process for creating a fence. Follow the process and make your own fence.

How to make a fence in Minecraft?

If you want to make a fence in Minecraft, then follow the below-mentioned process and create your own fence. You need to take 4 planks and 2 sticks of the same wood.

  • To make a fence in Minecraft pocket edition, follow the process mentioned below.
  • You need to open the crafting table that is the 3*3 grid.

How to make a fence in Minecraft

  • To create a fence, you need to place 4 planks and 2 sticks in the grid.
  • Place the planks and sticks as per the pattern is shown below.
  • After filling the crafting area completely with the right pattern, you will find the fences appear in the box.

How to make fence gate in Minecraft?

To create a wooden fence gate, you need different planks of the same wood. If you have different types of woods then this will give you different color fences. You need two wood planks of the same wood and place it in the center to craft a fence gate whereas four sticks.

  • First, open the crafting menu or crafting table so that you have 3*3 crafting grid.
  • As the image shown below, place the planks and sticks in the boxes.
  • This is the Minecraft Crafting Table strategy to create a fence gate.

How to make a Fence gate in Minecraft

  • You need to place one stick at the center and another directly below.
  • Put planks on both the sides in such a way that the bottom will go stick plank stick.
  • You have filled the area of crafting using the correct pattern. You will find the wooden fence gate on the right side in the box.

Nether Brick Fence

  • Many players construct Nether brick fences because it has blast resistant and is fireproof. This helps in protecting against ghast.
  • You can build maze using the nether brick and wooden fence mixture.
  • The nether brick fence slows down the zombies instead of stopping them.
  • To make nether brick fence, you need to place 6 nether bricks in these two horizontal rows.

NOTE: In Wooden fence, you need 3 pieces whereas, in stone and nether brick, you need 6 pieces.

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Cobblestone Walls

The cobblestone walls act like the fences and are one of the most decorative alternatives to the wooden walls. It also keeps you away from mobs. The walls are used because of the higher blast tolerance when a creeper explodes. The cobblestone walls are available in two different forms including basic and mossy.

By following these step by step processes you can solve your problem of how to make a fence in Minecraft. In fact, you can check the process to create a fence gate, cobblestone walls, and nether brick fence here in this post. If you have any doubt, then mention it in the comment box.

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