How to make a Banner in Minecraft (Skull, Pokeball Banner)

Do you want to create a banner in Minecraft? Many users want banners to hang them on the wall or to make intruders scare. After you create a banner using the process that we have mentioned below, you can place them on the walls or ground. Here you can check the process as of how to make a banner in Minecraft and follow every step to create a beautiful one.

How to make a Banner in Minecraft?

  • To create a banner in Minecraft, you need to open the crafting menu.
  • Make sure that you must have crafting grid of 3*3.
  • In the crafting grid, you need to place items (6 balls of wool and 1 stick) in this crafting grid.

How to make a Banner in Minecraft

  • Place all items i.e. 6 balls of wool and 1 stick similar to the image. In the top row, place 3 pieces of wool similar to the image and in second-row place 3 other pieces of wool. The stick which goes in the last row at the middle position.

How to make a Skull Banner in Minecraft?

  • Open your 3*3 crafting grid table.
  • To get the skull pattern, you must have 1 paper and 1 skeleton skull.
  • You need to place a paper and skull in the same pattern as the image.

How to make a Skull Banner in Minecraft

  • This is how you can make skull charge banner pattern.

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How to make Pokeball Banner in Minecraft?

  • You need to open a crafting table having a 3*3 grid.
  • In the first pattern, you need 6 red roses and 1 white color banner.
  • In the second banner, place 4 ink sacs according to the image.

How to make Pokeball Banner in Minecraft

  • For the third pattern, you need to place 3 red roses and banner in last row second column.
  • In the fourth pattern, you need to place 3 bones in the last row and banner in the first row in the middle.
  • For the fifth pattern, place 3 ink sacs in the 2nd row and a banner in the top row second column.
  • In the sixth pattern, place a bone meal in the middle and banner at the top side third column.
  • This will give you a white roundel pattern.
  • To create a Pokeball banner, you need to add all the 6 patterns together and move it to the inventory.

How to add Patterns to the Banners?

You will find different range of patterns that you can add to the Minecraft banners like color gradients, borders, and icons. In fact, to give them a new style, you can combine patterns in between your banners so that it looks new.

  • To add patterns to the banners, you need to use dyes.
  • You need to place the banner in the free slot of crafting grid.
  • Drop dyes in other slots that correspond to the design.

By following the above process, you can create different Minecraft banner designer using Minecraft banner maker. So design a new Minecraft banner and hang it on your room walls. If you have any doubt then you can mention it in the comment box below. One of our team members will get back with an answer soon. Stay connected to know the banner tutorial and other Minecraft updates.

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