How to Download Minecraft Skins for Girls & Boys (Key Points)

To make game interesting or to change the appearance of your avatar or character you need some kind of accessories or skins. Hence in this game, you will also find a different kind of skins that are available for both girls and boys. Here you can check the key points and process to download Minecraft Skins for both the girls and boys.

Download minecraft skins

Download Minecraft Skins

In Minecraft, you will find various skins. If you do not have any customized skin then you will have classic skin i.e. Steve skin or in a newer version, you have Alex Skin having slimmer arms. You can customize your skin depending on the model either standard or slim. The slim armed skins are compatible on 1.8 version only.

How to download Minecraft Skins?

  • You need to visit the skin section and choose the skin that you want to download.
  • Press the download button that will redirect you to another page.
  • If you want to save a file, then click on save icon and your file gets saved in the Downloads folder.

How to upload the Skin to Minecraft?

  • For uploading skin in Minecraft you need to launch Minecraft first.
  • Choose the skins from the main menu.
  • Then click on browse skin.
  • Go to the Download folder or folder where you saved .png file.
  • Choose the new skin.
  • Hence next time whenever you load Minecraft game, you will find your character in the new skin.

Key points regarding Minecraft Skins

  • You will not find the same skins again; all the skins that are available in Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk are unique.
  • To download any skin you need to find the skin by its name and download it for free. You can download skin with just one click.
  • You can select skin considering the tags, color, and size. The player can browse the complete list of skins.
  • The player can also check who else is using the skin as there are more than 50 million records.
  • Download the skin and set up an account on
  • If you like any skin then you can write the review also.

To upload customized skin, you need to click on the blank character model located at the top left corner of your skin menu where you need to select Choose New Skin.


After uploading new skin, there is no change in skin currently?

It depends on the version. If you have Minecraft version 1.7.9, then the change in the skin occurs immediately. If the version of Minecraft is less than this, then the change in the skin will take an hour. For version 1.3 or earlier, you will not find any change in the skin.

What black lines on my skin’s arms shows?

In versions 1.8 and extended, you will find black lines if the profile is selected as a classic model and you uploaded the slim-armed skin. In order to fix this problem, you need to visit Then upload the right skin type whatever selection you have made.

How can I change Minecraft skins?

To change Minecraft skin, you need hanger button placed on the bottom side at the right corner.

Using choose new skin option, you can find your favorite skin.

Make the skin selection. You find various skins that you need to unlock first using Minecraft coins. In fact, you can buy skins by paying some money. To get complete details, click here.

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