Apex Legends Season 1 Start Date, Battle Pass, Legends, Challenges

Apex Legends is said to be the biggest competitor of Fortnite Battle Royale and is free to play. The producer of the Apex Legends has released its Season 1 on 18th March in the morning at 10 am. Here you can check everything about Apex Legends Season 1 here including the Start date, Battle Pass, Legends, and many more things.

Apex Legends Season 1

Apex Legends Season 1 Release Date

As per various sources, the Apex Legends apk fans assumed that its Season 1 might release on 12th March then later respawn community announced that the Season 1 will not release on 12th March. The officials of Apex Legends have released its season 1 on 19th March which will continue till the May month. Hence as per predictions, you can expect that the season 2 might release in May month.

The Respawn Entertainment has released it is Season 1 on Tuesday 19th March 2019. While launching Season 1, the officials of Respawn have confirmed the arrival of new legends. One of the legends is Octane. It includes the abilities and the whole description of the Octane character which is also named as “Adrenaline Junkie”.

New Legend

Octane is the new legend introduced in Apex Legends Season 1. This Adrenaline Junkie wants nothing from his life. The only entertainment he has is by performing death-defying stunts and holovids of them. The cost of the Octane is more than the battle pass’s cost, it is around 12,000 legend tokens or 750 apex coins.

Battle Pass

In season 1, you will find a battle pass and its bundle that you can buy via paying coins. The price of the Battle pass is 950 apex coins which are around $10 whereas the price of the bundle is $30 which is 2800 apex coins. When you buy any of the battle passes, then you can step up into one level of success. After reaching at 97 levels, you have earned lots of apex coins. When you reach at 110 level, then you can earn reactive skin for havoc, golden idol, and a wild frontier badge.

If you have not purchased the battle pass, then you can earn these things

  • 1 wild frontier legend skin
  • 18 wild frontier stat trackers
  • 5 apex packs

When you reach at 110 level, you will get a reactive skin for Havor, the Golden Idol, and a special kind of animated badge.

When will Apex Legend’s Battle Pass release?

With the launch of Apex Legend Season 1, its battle passes also released on 19th March. The battle pass is applicable for 90 days till season 1 is there. As season 1 closes, the battle pass will expire. For every new season, you need to buy a new battle pass that runs for 90 days.

There are two types of battle pass available including free and paid tier. With free tier, you will get one Wild frontier skin, 5 apex packs, and more than 15 wild frontier stat trackers. In the basic level, we will offer you some purchasable passes that help you win the season and let you unlock more premium items. Take a look at what is inside this Apex Legends Season 1 and get the details including leaked skins, emotes, and weapons.

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